chehel chai


It is located on the farthest end of the east of Golestan province and from the north is connected to the Republic of Turkminstan With 126 km joint boundary , from the south to semnan province , the east to khorasan province and the west to the Gonbad-e-kavoos .

The extent of Minoodasht is about 6485.8 and the population is about 251561 people, consisting different racial groups and the average of 37 people in one kilometer , gathering in three main cities (Minoodasht , Galikesh , Calaleh ) , and also four districts and  12 rural districts .

park golestan

Tourism Attractions of Minoodasht :

The most important tourism attractions of this city province is the national park of Golestan , which is considered as the first national park of iran , the extent of this park is about 92000 hectars which is also registred internationally . because of the existence of a whole natural living , it has been visited by many researchers , Scientists , Ecologists and Tourists every year .

love fall

Flowing rivers , having many Freshness springs and beautiful falls like loveh , many rivers such as , Atrak , Dogh , Edghan , khr khr , bahari lar , Narm-Ab and chehel-chai are other attraction of this region .

This town from the point of tribal life and acceptance of tribe , has been known not only in this state , but all over Iran .

Specific productions of the region are silk worm and honey .

shrine of Makhtom-gholy-e-faraghi

Historical and Holy Places :

The most important places are , the shrine of Makhtom-gholy-e-Faraghi , religious school of Karim Eshan and Khaled-Ebn-Nabi .

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